M3 is a disposable grill

M1 is ideal for the preparation of semi-finished products

A set for smoking fish

A set of disposable picnic dishes

M3 is a disposable grill, capable of creating up to 3 hours of even heat.Enough to cook up to five kilograms of meat.The kit includes a liquid for ignition, a garbage bag and 6 skewers.

M1 is a disposable grill that gives a uniform heat for one hour, which is enough for cooking sausages for hot dogs or similar semi-finished products

A disposable smokehouse for excellent smoking of medium-sized fish, there is already a sufficient amount of alder chips in the set for cooking up to 2 kilograms of smoked fish. Designed for use in a set with a disposable grill M3

A set of disposable tableware for six people, packed in a convenient box

Quick Charcoal is a collection of sets of disposable barbecues, a smokehouse and a set of disposable tableware. All sets are interchangeable